West Central Waterdogs believes in celebrating ALL dogs! We think that the Novice Leapers are just as important as the Legend Leapers! Our primary focus is on each dog being the best that they can possibly be!

Here's how the Finals work

After the last Leap of the event, the best Leap for each dog is placed into the appropriate division, and the top 5 dogs from each division are invited to compete in the Finals at no additional cost.

Each handler is responsible for checking the posted list (usually referred to as "the bubble") to see if they are in the top five of their division and have qualified to be in the finals.

All competitors in the finals must physically check in at least sixty (60) minutes prior to the scheduled start of the finals. Failure to do so will cause us to place the next qualified (ie 6th place) competitor in your place.

Good Luck!