Competition Rules


  • All competitors and staff must conduct themselves in a manner which reflects the values of West Central Waterdogs. Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated.

  • Please pick up all of your waste. This also includes any garbage you or your family may accumulate while at the event. We are all responsible for a clean event.
  • No one is permitted in the pool without permission from West Central Waterdogs staff. NO EXCEPTIONS!


  • There may be up to 2 handlers on the dock at any time. Both handlers must have signed a waiver at registration.
  • Handlers must be at least seven (7) years old to be on the dock or to compete. Minors must have a parent or guardian sign and remain present to compete.
  • Everyone MUST sign a Liability Waiver ONCE per event when they check‐in at the registration desk.
  • Be sure to check in in advance of each round. Additions will not be made after the activity has begun.
  • Those with disabilities are welcome, and reasonable efforts made to accommodate them will be made if requested.
  • If your dog fails to exit the pool in a timely fashion, West Central Waterdogs reserves the right to not allow the dog a second attempt that round.
  • No food or treats are permitted on the dock, exit ramp or stairs.
  • Please pick up after your dog(s). We maintain the right to ask anyone who has not picked up their dog's waste, to leave the event. You are responsible for bringing bags to pick up after your dog(s).

To maintain a safe environment for all participants and spectators at the event, handlers must:

  • Restrain and control their dog(s) at all times.
  • Keep their dogs crated or controlled by a leash that is six (6) feet or shorter in length.
  • Ensure their leash remains on the dog while going up the stairs to the dock.
  • Be aware only the dog on the dock can be off leash.
  • Ensure there is only 1 dog on the dock at a time.
  • Be aware of the dog and human in front of you and behind you at all times. Please keep a safe distance of 6-8 feet between your dog and other dogs, especially when in line at the dock.
  • Notify West Central Waterdogs staff if their dogs are known biters or if their dog is aggressive or has "space issues".


  • Of all breeds or mixes are welcome.
  • Must be at least six (6) months old and able to swim to Try-It or compete in an event.
  • Will be disqualified from competing if they look sick or injured (ie. dead-tail or limping).
  • In heat are banned from competing or participating at all of our events.
  • Must be crated or controlled by a leash that is six (6) feet or shorter in length at all times.


All competitors in the finals must physically check in at least sixty (60) minutes prior to the scheduled start of the finals. Failure to do so will cause us to place the next qualified (ie 6th place) competitor in your place.

You must pay via email transfer or cash-on-site when you pre-register on-line to secure your spot. In order to cover extra administrative costs all on-site registrations fees are $25.

NON-REFUNDABLE: All entry fees are non-refundable. However, if a note is provided from a veterinarian within 48 hours of the event, your entries can be redeemed as a credit to be used by the same dog at another West Central Waterdogs event in the same year.
Please note that canceling is permitted 3 days prior to the event, however there will be NO REFUND.
If you need to cancel your registration(s), make any changes or in the case of an emergency, please email three (3) days prior to the event.